What is the benefit of online classes?

⚫︎ You can have more time before and after class since you don't need to travel to school.

⚫︎ You can watch and download the recording of the class after every class so that you can revise what you learn in the class at your own pace. And when you miss a class, you can watch and download the recording of the missed class as well.

⚫︎ The number of students of online class is less than 8, so you can pracice more and have more chances to speak Japanese.

⚫︎ You can lower the risks to contract any diseases.

⚫︎ You can listen to the teacher's voice more clearly and closely.

⚫︎ When you feel unwell, you just can listen to the class while lying down.

⚫︎ You can easily ask your classmates questions by using an in-meeting chat.

⚫︎ If you get used to listening to the Japanese language online, it is beneficial when you communicate with your Japanese friends online.

⚫︎ You can listen to our class wherever you are (although you need to use your mobile data).

⚫︎ The teachers can show you the materials that he/she has at hand easily.

⚫︎ You can study in a more relaxed atomosphere since you are at your own home.

⚫︎ The teacher can invite his Japanese friends to his class easily.

⚫︎ So, why don't you try an online class? When it doesn't suit you, you are free to transfert to an in-person class anytime.

Only 8 seats are available for each class, so please call us and book the class now.

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