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home > Hiragana Picture Association Method

We got to know about Hiragana Picture Association Method in the book called はじめて外国人に教える人の日本語直接教授法 - 永保 澄雄 for the first time.

The author of this book has associated Hiragana with a picture in the way that the first pronunciation of an English word matches the Hiragana pronunciation, and the meaning of the English word matches the shape of Hiragana.

By using Hiragana Picture Association Method, you can memorize Hiragana very quickly. If you have one hour, you will be able to recognize the shape of Hiragana perfectly and will be able to read 46 besci Hiragana characters at least.

We would like to introduce the Hiragana Picture Association Chart in this book since it is revolutional, however, it is copyrighted. So, we decided to create the Hiragana Picture Association Chart of our own so that we can share it with you.

Notice that all material on this page are copyrighted. So, please do not distribute by any means.

Notice that the pronunciation of the beginning of the English word is not exactly the same as that of the Hiragana. So, please learn the correct pronunciation of the Hiragana from your teacher.

Click the image to enlarge:

You can download the PDF version here:
Color Edition
Black, Gray and White Edition
Black and White Edition

Can you read the Hiragana below? (Read horizontally from left to right to practice.)

home > Hiragana Picture Association Method