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Hougang Japanese Language School in Singapore

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We would like to share the handouts (notes, or teaching materials) that are made especially for thestudents of Hougang Japanese Language School.

All teaching materials (PDF) are copywrited, so please do not distribute them by any means.

Elementary level
- Hiragana for handwriting 1
- Hiragana for handwriting 2
- Simple greetings
- Lesson 1 Vocabularies
- Lesson 1 Grammar
- Lesson 1 Conversation
- Lesson 2 Vocabularies
- Lesson 2 Grammar
- Lesson 2 Conversation
- Numerals
- Time and The Day of The Week
- Month and The Day of The Month
- Useful Time Expressions
- Family
- Summary of Basic Stracture

Intermediate and Advanced level
- Full Table of Verb Conjugations
- Simplified Table of Verb Conjugations (Various Forms)
- Simplified Table of Verb Conjugations (Various Verbs)
- Additional Information for Simplified Tables
- What is the difference between wa (は) and ga (が)?

We have many more handouts to give you, so please join us and study the language together!

home > Teaching Materials