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Links to Usuful WebSites

A Select List of Japanese Language Study Sites
These may not be all the very best sites, but these are definitely some of the best.

Japanese language learning tools on Web

Charles Kelly's Online Japanese Language Study Materials
These are free-to-use online materials that I have developed to help people study Japanese.

Materials provided by Meguro Japanese Language School

Our goal is to deliver comprehensive, up to date information on traveling and living in Japan, first-hand from Japan.

Introduces the country, its people, culture, history and language. Aimed at schoolchildren between 10 and 14, it features animation, games, quizzes and photographs.

How to access Japan-only iPhone apps
There is a very easy, and free, way to get a Japanese iTunes account without using a credit card.

Using Japanese Siri on your iPhone 4s, 5, iPod touch g5, The new iPad
If you have an Apple product which comes with Siri, play around with the Japanese Siri even if you are still a beginner. It's fun!

iPhone & iPod Touch Applications
Learn Japanese on your iPhone / iTouch!

Links to Usuful Websites for Listening

* NHK's Weekly Japanese Lessons Streaming RealAudio
* NHK's Radio Japan's Japanese lessons archived as MP3 files
Materials provided by Meguro Japanese Language School
* MangaRama - Digital Comic Learning System
* AJALT's ちまたの日本語 Real World Japanese General Business Kids

To improve your listening comprehension, refer to How to Improve Your Listening Comprehension.

home > Links